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Become A Fem Fatale!

UGC, while other women are chipping away at trying to figure what color lipstick to wear or which wig to try on, you and I have to get our minds right!

This world is bat shyte crazy now and I think another lock down is coming because of the Monkey Pox being declared a State of Emergency.

We cannot afford to have a lack self control and emotional intelligence in these days and times.

You need allies.

You need the ability to think.

You need to know how to sell your worth ESPECIALLY if you are unattractive. A mind makeover is long overdue for us and becoming a mental powerhouse is not a luxury, it's a matter of survival now.

While many of you are looking for husbands or signifance others to warm your hearts and your beds, to make that dream come true requires fearlessness and the suffocation of shame and guilt.

There simply is no way to be seen, to be a novelty, to be a mysterious woman without marketing yourself as such.

And for us, it will take more than proper fitting clothes to do so.

You have to decide that you are going to be a haven/heaven on earth UGC. You have to decide that those you experience being in your presence will feel excited, lucky, inspired and appreciated, yet you cannot be that kind of woman by being standoffish and closed off out of fear of rejection.

Stop trying to shield yourself from critcism and biases. Its time to ACCEPT everything! The Good, Bad AND THE UGLY!

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