Coffee Dates?

So, I know this is still an ongoing hot topic of discussion in the high value world of dating, but I wanted to revisit the question after contemplating what type of woman I would want my son to be with if I had a son.

Is how much he spends reletive to his interest? His resources? His lifestyle? His character?

Can we honestly say that the price tag for a date with you is an accurate measure of sanity, self respect and appreciation for you?

I would ask how could any of this be associated with how much a man spends on a date when he doesn't even know who you are yet?

The level up community is really doing a disservice to women's thought process surrounding dating in these days and times.

I wanted to share my take on this today. Watch this and if you want to see the replay of the full 1 hour 17 min presentation, log into your patreon account to view

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