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Don't Be A Fool!

UGC, we have one life for sure, and it's this one we are living right now.

To allow people to waste your time, to perpetually give less than you do and a disrespecting of your very existence.

I think we should give if the spirit moves us, and we won't or don't always need a return of the same energy (charity), but when reciprocity is necessary for quality of life: REQUIRE IT!

Manipulation cannot happen without an agreement of YOUR WORTH!

Both parties must share the same vision if the weaker one is to be convinced that subjugation is the best course of action.

If you do not agree with the vision of the other person, you have a right to follow your mind and reject it!

I have told you all before that when other persons goal is to harm or hinder you in ANY way, ALL bets are off! They have relinquished you from moving with honor and fairness.

They have provided you with the black card of stealthy ambitions and a clear, unobstructed path towards attaining your bottom line!

How do you not get played?

By only giving when you want to, by giving without expecting a return but Watchung to see if a return is offered with a joyful heart.

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