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Don't Waste That Coin!

UGC, we often talk about risk taking on this platform when it comes to relationships because relationships are risky just like everything else.

But what is a sensible risk to take?

A sensible risk is one that allows you severval ways to get a favorable outcomes.

A risk that isn't worth taking is an "All-or-Nothing type of deal where everything has to align perfectly for no margin of error to be experienced.

Now we all know very well that NOTHING in life worth acquiring will be delivered risk-free. But whta I want UGC girls to understand that it's not about waiting on the biggest return either.

More often than not, the big returns are few and hard to maintain and many people clear their bank accounts for the big licks and bet the house on a return on investment only to be wiped out of their savings and dreams later on.

If you don't have wiggle room, you are in for a rude awakening.

And I definitely talking aabout relationships here too.

What relationships endure the test of time?

The ones where all the eggs arent in one basket of expectation. The ones that are adaptible and prepare mentally for the probability of a storm are the relationships that last the longest.

Women want perfection, NO WORRIES, no problems no losses. May I ask you where in your life have you ever experienced 100% return and no losses whatsoever?

Where does that even exist?

UGC, many of you have been wasting precious time waiting on unicorns to swoop in and rescue you from pain and risk.

Many of you are attempting to go from not being able to get a man to buy you a turkey club to waiting on a man to buy you house and land, and you want it risk-free no less.

Zero to thousand with no margin of error, no setbacks, no tragedy and no regrets???? that's a fools game...

Well a loser's game actually.

There's something very valuable, very practical and very doable with the concept of starting of small.

Growing into the bigger drawls helps you to acclimate yourself to the mentality and the stamina required to maintain bigger or more expensive things.

You allow your brain to settle into it's new normal at a pace your conscious won't reject!

The shortcut hardly ever gives a result worth wanting.

Think about your goals and the risk/reward quotient.

Ask yourself if there is a healthy margin of error within it to give you some wiggle room for mistakes, mishaps or losses.

And if there is no room for error, don't embark! Stay home, keep you r money in your pocket and your panties on!

If you can, please do join us on PATREON for a "get The Money"presentation with The Credit Solutionist, Victoria, as she walks us the through the ins and outs of cleaning up the credit, building credit, and the loopholes that institutions have in place to give access to funds for financing a new home, car or funds for luxury vacations, education and lifestyle.


TOPICS That Will Be Discussed:

👉🏿1.) What money is, and how we need to change our relationship with it. (Intro portion attached). Credit is an extension of money.

👉🏿2.) Credit: The fundamentals such as credit scores and what lenders are looking for when it comes to credit reports. Why everyone needs a credit score.

👉🏿3.) How bad credit can affect you (i.e., employment, buying a home, obtaining insurance, security clearances, etc.).

👉🏿4.) How to repair your credit legally and ethically, and how to monitor your report for errors and any red flags like fraud/identity theft.

👉🏿5.) How to establish good credit (if just starting out) and/or how to rebuild after financial mistakes (such as collections and bankruptcies). I can share some credit products and banks that I recommend.

👉🏿6.) Why we need to vet our romantic partner's financial habits, because their credit score will definitely affect what you will and won't be able to purchase if you marry them (i.e. house, car, etc,).

👉🏿7.) Tips for how to get high credit card spending limits. Where mindset meets technique and actionable steps to Finance freedom!

Let's Run!!🏃🏿‍♀️

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