Fight For Love

False love abounds UGC. Most of us say we want love but what we really want is control of people much like we treat pets.

A pet is a slave on a leash that we feed and give affection to, but it is still on a leash, unable to roam free and do what it wants without the owner's permission.

Can you be yourself around a person who claims to love you? Or are you harboring secrets and tiptoeing around them because you're afraid of showing vulnerability or genuine concern?

How can we say we actually love anyone when we do not love what we are? You can't what you don't have within. And those who try to give what they don't have within will resort to buying someone's love through material possessions or sexual exploitation.

Are you showing up invading the privacy of people, demanding constant attention, ego stroking and reassurances while claiming to love them?

Love, true love, is SELF love.

The love for others is more about controlling them and molding them and having them conform to you will and the moment they say the word no, the love you assert defrosts and evaporates. The love you feel from others is only a reflection of you loving YOU.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re


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