Hating Ass Whorahs!

Updated: Aug 1

So UGC, haters gon hate and they have the right to their opinions of you.

What can you do about it?

Not a damn thing!

But what you can focus on is your personal achievements and your growth.

Discipline is the cure for poverty, ill heath, weightloss goals, AND relationship goals.



I watch men create personas to transform themselves into alpha men. They hit the gym, read books, start hustling and investing in their business.

They get mentors to help push them to the next level and excel because of their fanaticism.

And what do we do?

We complain that the world isn't bending to our will. We fuss about creating new routines while men adjust and get excited about shifting their focus.

I do believe that it doesn't have to be a grind for us as women though. We just have to focus on paying attention to what we CAN do.

And what you CAN do is more like putting the cake mix in oven instead of mixing it from scratch.

UGC, this thing is about shifting energetically. The results we get are fueled by our energy because our energy is what filters our perception. We get what we pay attention to!

How people respond to us is largely do to how we are showing up energetically..

It may sound whoo-whoo, but trust and believe this: you cannot outrun how you feel about you!

the confidence you are looking for is within how you feel about what you believe.


This means that it's more to it than just think your a pretty or ugly, it's about your emotions behind your thoughts.

Example: A person is an amputee after a horrible car accident and now has a peg leg. He has accepted his disability but decides that his disability has given him an opportunity to inspire other disabled people not to give up on life.
He then works with scientists to come up with an advanced prosthetic leg and proceeds to run 10k races to show that he is a fully functioning human being with a bionic leg!

It's ALL about energy UGC. If you are pathetic, it's because you are leaving your self definitions in the hands of other people.

What energy are you putting out?




Put your cake mix in the oven UGC!!


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