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His Money Is Off Limits?

Him: Men say that we only want them for their money.

Me: True. But what do women want you for, cause you don't have any!

So listen ladies, the 'guilt trips' that men like to play on women are figured out by now, if not, I'm here to ring the school bell for you.

I want to give you a Gentle reminder of how things went for you when you were fulking for smiley face emojis and Uber eats..

How did that Imma let it happen organically play out for you?

Now, I'm not asking you to believe anything I say: I'm asking you to look at the results you've gotten through approaching relationships with no requirements, no goal and a sense of powerlessness over your own body!!!

The first thing a man has to establish within your psyche is a state of confusion.

He questions your values, offers 'solutions' to your shortsightedness and goes right into the 'grooming phase' of courtship.

In this phase, he'll suggest that you are not seeing the bigger picture, that you are not being fair in your viewpoint or that you are misinterpreting what you are seeing.

He'll infer that his feelings for you are deeper than your comprehension will allow and that the culprit is your annoying suspicions about him. He will say with disappointment that you are sabotaging your own ability to experience true love, the love he already has to give(dick).

Your spine is adjusting as you read this cause you are having flashbacks over past conversations with men that led you to trust intentions and promises without seeing consistency of present action.


If he says that you are materialistic, you answer him by saying this:

'It's impossible not to be. You don't like me because I'm a spirit, you like me because I'm flesh, blood and bone, a human being that you anticipate experiencing physical things with.
Did you pick me because you needed a prayer partner? No.
Everything that you hope to get from me is 'material', from what you receive from my cooperation to my vagina. And I'm here to give you a purpose just like the one you believe you're giving to me.."

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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