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Men Have Made You Weak!

K Samuels has the ear of a lot of young men. The advice he gives, is it working for you?

Do you feel more in control of your options and sexual conquests?

Are you getting beautiful "young" women to see you as high value?

And ladies who agree with the statements he makes about middle-aged women being washed up scrap collectors who are only good for a fuk in exchange for a triple cheese pizza: how are things playing out for you?


A lot of us have been used as Vaginal Pacifiers. Our moist holes played with to stave off a man's boredom.

He gets the significance he is seeking by ejaculating inside you while gleefully aware that he won't offer you reciprocity of any kind.

But there you sit, day in and day out waiting on "Love" to organically come your way. Waiting for a righteous man who isn't led by his animalistic nature to come swoop you off your fallen arches and carry you to safety like Superman did with Lois Lane..

God ain't sending that type of man cause God didn't make him to begin with.

Even if he has affection for you, it still needs constant pruning and micro-management cause he has the potential to slip away from you EVEN IF HE LOVES YOU..

But somehow you are sold on the possibility of love.

Don't become affected/infected by the love of men. He is an animal first and only becomes a "Man" when he gives you what you need!!!

Now some of you may take offense to these directives and observations, but it won't be because my findings are the antithesis of what you've actually experienced.

It's because you know.. Single women have been waiting like wilted lettuce leaves for YEARS on a fictitious cartoon character, NOT on what a male actually is.

And are listening to other women who have and continue to mislead you about male prospects.

You'll get what you need in this world from men and you'll get criticism and scrutiny from other women.

So, Ugly Girl, you'll have to cure yourself of the disease of idealistic thinking and adopt cunning and determination in ALL matters of relationship building with men.

They are here to make your life better, but if they are not doing that then they serve no beneficial purpose in your life.

This is the way of the Dark Goddess..

Get Up!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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