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Megan Thee Stallions Mistakes

I did a You Tube Video yesterday about my thoughts on Meg Thee Stallion and what she expressed in her live chat..

She looked fabulous BUT defeated to me.. I know there's more to the story because she never stated that Tory Lanes was the one who shot her in the foot, buuuuuut you could definitely see that she is was shaken not stirred by whatever happened.

Her revelation about fake friends stood out to me. Her reveal about the influence of her choices in friendships where largely do to her loneliness struck me hard as well..

People will exploit you if your let them. And it doesn't matter if your are attractive or not.

I watched her adjust her hair a million times, still seemingly unsure of how good she looked while expressing her candor.... She also admitted that she is has now let go of being too nice to everybody...

That NYCE SHYTE has to go, like really.... I will be talking about this more in the private Live today so if you haven't already, please do join the private video vault to get your invite for the "How Not To Give A Fuk" live show today at 6p.m. pst

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