Pics With Chris Breezy for $1000

Sooooo, UGC, I'm coming at you again to talk about the delusions of worth and status.

Seems like we forgive people quick if we desire them enough!

Seems like we dismiss humiliation if we desire them enough!

Seems like we put our money where our mouths

are for what we want and it doesn't matter if they even want us back!

What is wrong with us UGC?

A whole lot of shyte is wrong, or maybe just human nature. We've got a schmorgasborg of pathologies to hurdle over.

Self esteem is six feet under.

And sex RULES over every waking decision we make!

But did you know that worth is not determined by what you do for the other person?

I wrote extensively about this Chris Breezy $1000 photo-op in a patreon post today.

Please go read it so that you get some clarity about how your worth and value is calculate.

It's simple really but we've been conditioned to see things in the wrong order.

Time to rearrange this thing called high value and see it for what it is..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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