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Pretty Privileges?

Come on through Pretty Privilege!!

So listen black girl, you are gonna have to find another passion project other than self pity.

Being alive is a gift, one that you won't have forever.

The trauma bonding that you are seeking is not a successful way to introspect or heal.

Face your fear of rejection. Tackle the infection of envy and jealousy within you so that you taste true freedom.

Unattractive women focus on justifications/blame because we think we are powerless in steering the results we get in life.

People who call you unattractive aren't the problem: your assumption their criticism seals your is fate is the problem!

Is being ugly a crime?


Can being ugly make life hard for you? Yesssss..

But the athlete with missing limps inspires you, and you get to enjoy the inspiration she provides because she decided not to wallow in justifications of her reality.

She decided create another reality for herself.

You and I have to do the same thing.

You have let being ugly stop you when it simply doesn't have to.

  • You have to be braver than other women.

  • More determined than other women.

  • More clever than other women.

  • More emotionally independent than other women.

Being Ugly gives you the responsibility/opportunity to become an excellent woman.

We call that Ugly Girl Privilege over here!

The only thing in your way is the want to be like other women.


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


Join us on patreon if you want true level up techniques and life skills to maneuver around the snakes in this society. You are victim because you thought there was no other way..

Now there is.

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