Professional Whiners!

A lot of complainers are out here because they really want to get a coin for selling ass too!

The jokes about women they aren't attracted to, who're too fat, entitled, hypergamous and so on are all from disgruntled men who've been burned by the women they wanted.

Maybe these men need to join the Ugly Girls too!!🥴

UGC, hold on to your sympathy!

You need it for yourself!!

It's easy for any man to be intrigued until the bill comes, until he has to provide evidence of concern.

And our problem as Ugly Girls is that we are so busy trying to look normal in the eyes of those who reject us that we've put zero energy into creating an identity for ourselves.

Your personality is wrought with fear of being criticized.

You plan out how silly you are going to act so that you appear playful only to finish with an end product that makes you look emotionally unstable.

You don't know how to connect with your own face

which causes you to smile like you should be in a mental institution.

You only look at yourself to condemn, to pick yourself apart like you pick at a scab, not to master control of your body so that you communicate your worth.

We slouch when we stand, walk slew-footed, where unbreathable fabrics that are 5 sizes too small with fried chicken grease stains on them and then wonder why every hairy-foot hobbit who only showers twice a week has something to say about our worth.

A helpless mentality can infect you just like herpes or monkeypox, so be careful.

You are doubted.

You WILL be judged.

You are going to be underestimated.

You will be second-guessed.

You will be auditioned.

But you must watch how people authorize themselves as an authority figure over you and observe it like an act, like a role they are playing to hide their hand, their insecurities and their need to feel important.

And while they are acting, you need to be stitching up your wounds and using your pain to transcend your fears of being judged.

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