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Take A Break From Obligations

I consider obligations as a form of belief, much like religion. The underlying doctrine of obligations are that you become a better person if you give others what they want, if you are humble and put your needs last.

Obligations are traps.


Because your actions become a passing or failing grade depending on how beneficial your actions are to the people your feel obligated to.

Specifically, if you don't do what those you are obligated expect you to do, they will not like you, they will not want to be your friend, they will stop expressing approval for the other things you've given them.

They will even suggest that you are stupid, that you are not as attractive as they once thought.

The relationship that you thought was built upon love starts to die....

So, what does this all mean UGC?

It means that your guilt for not conforming to the will of others is a total waste of time.

Your guilt is a waste of time because you have done nothing wrong by not giving in to their insistings.

It also means that even if you decide to give them what they want, there's not guarantee that you have solidified a relationship based on love. You've just determined that you can and are willing to be used.

So don't have the baby because your mom is pressuring you to have grandchildren.

Don't swim in a sea of student loan debt because you want people to respect as an edcuated person.

Don't have sex with him to show him that he can trust you.

In other words, do what you want to do because you want to do it!

That's the only reason to do anything anyway...


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