Tamar's Boyfriend, Said Adefeso Has Moved On

UGC, this is not a game.

Your life with men is NOT a dress rehearsal for the pleasure of men!

They don't get room to "try you out".

They MUST shoulder most if not ALL the risk to avoid this shyte happening to you. The drinking and worrying and depression some of you do is because of TOXIC MEN. And this Gremlin claims he's a man of God???


I hope you all are ready for tomorrow's class on preparing for sex both spiritually and physically. We will also go over dietary principles that can combat depression, anger and insecurities. 

2pm EST time tomorrow Thursday, 24Th on Instagram so mark your calendars please.

If you want to join us in the catacombs you have to be a Coaching Vault Subscriber, Sign Up here. 


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