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Use Your man!

Everything is ENERGY ladies. And energy can be felt no matter how subtle.

Colors hold energy.

The tone of your voice holds energy.

The pace of your stride holds energy.

Even your own name holds energy.

What type of energy are you dispensing into your environment?

A victim energy?

A seductive energy?

A creative energy?

You think clothing or makeup or wigs can mask low energy?

You might get away with disguising it in the very beginning, but your countenance will eventually betray you.

I have been the underdog my entire life for a variety of reasons. Some of my lack of winning was because of my apprehension do to fear, other times it was because of my appearance, sometimes my lack of intelligence hindered me also.

What I have come to realize is that self actualization is the cure for self depreciation but self actualization only comes when we face who we are.

Many of you feel powerless.


Because you have been preoccupied with trying to be someone you DON’T have the aesthetics,

the talent,

the intellect,

physical strength,

or the emotional constitution to become.

You have spent your entire life as a fledgling copycat because you got a little bit of success by sheer luck here and there.

it's time to come into your own being, to be everything you were born to be.

No more worrying about what the next woman knows or what the next woman is. Make peace with your limitations and exploit your strengths.

life is simply too short to worry about what you will never be, what you are not capable of being.

It is better to learn every day than worry about what you don't know.

Your man is coming.

Your wealth is on it's way.

You just have to get out of your own way.


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