You Not The Prize!

The sense of entitlement that women have is pretty much a laughing joke!


because we feel entitle to what we won't give, that's why!

The whole "Im The Prize" trope is nothing but the Devil giving us a synthetic ego and a hollow authority over who we HOPE agrees with our sense of conceit.

Here is Part 1 of the live I did today on YouTube.

If you want to rewatch it from this morning, please join us on patreon.

What I want UGC girls to know is this: ALL women are pickme's out here! The pretty ones, the ugly ones, the intelligent ones, the stupid ones etc..

And a lot of the reason for the lack of results now is that men have finally realized that the attention they give is IS CURRENCY! They are not bewitched by a pretty face because the internet has CRUSHED the illusion of attractiveness by highlighting EVERY secret we use to look more attractive than we actually are.

This is an important video to watch today and if you are a patreon member, I need you to go and log into your account and watch the presentation "So You Want to Get Married" Hosted by Lady Hamiliton, a CRONE UGC member sharing real life experience with being married to a high value man.

If you are on the fence about marriage, or actually afraid to get married because you feel like you will lose if you have to get a divorce and you want TRUTHFUL advice from someone who has actually been through marriage and divorce, please go to Patreon today and watch that 4 hour and 30-minute presentation.

We discussed:

What the statistics are saying about marriage and divorce rates among African American Women,

Where to find these high value men.

What information you need to keep track of when preparing for a divorce.

What to REALLY expect as a wife of a man who makes a lot of money.

Finally, I really am sick of the gaslighting,

misdirecting and fake-ass pretty privilege trope that has a lot of us sucked into misinformation from You Tube celebrities

trying to make a quick dollar off of your fears and insecurities.

I find that we still easily believe beautiful people:

even if they tell us straight to our faces that what they have to give won't work for us, we still hang onto every damn word they say like we are waiting for them to have mercy on us.

Cut it out UGC.

You ain't nobody's footstool!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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