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You Too Good For Coffee?

I did a YouTube video yesterday discussing coffee dates.

I know that a lot of women are against the

idea of 'cheap dates' because they feel that

the amount of money spent on a date is a

measure of how interested he is in seeing and spending time with her.

I have always said that effort is better than the cost,

and I think coffee, tea or a smoothie meeting

to talk for a bit is better in the beginning.


Well I thought about what type of woman I would want for my son(if I had one) and listening to the talking points and beliefs of women in general, I wouldn't want my son with today's woman.

I think that the money thing has blinded us from seeing each other as human beings.

Everyone is experimenting and practicing The 48 Laws of Power

and other mental manipulation tactics on each other.

Everybody is listening to talking points of

people who share steps on how to

hold someone hostage emotionally. 

 But everyone wants to gain without losing.

Nobody wants to compromise.

Nobody wants to care without the

exchange of money for sex or vice versa.

Why is everything resting on how much the tab is? 

How could that be a measure of true concern

when he doesn't know you yet?

Yeah I get it, the level-up whorahs told

you that your outfit, lipstick, body magic,

perfume, and new wig are your financial contributions to a date. 

But is it though? 

Cause any other day, you'll argue people down that you put

on makeup and dress to look good for YOU, not anyone else! 

The "chess game" is going on everywhere but

nobody's winning anything but frustration, desperation,

disappointment and anger.  

I think a coffee 'date' can be a challenge

because there's no expensive backgrounds

or noise to blend into, it's just you, your conversation,

your wit, your charm, if you have them,

and the truth is that the modern woman doesn't.

We have ego, degrees, melancholic tendencies, mild alcoholism, waist trainers, narcissism, whorism and wigs with the sticky bangs to offer decent men.

The truth is this: You put a price tag on his head and one will go on yours too.

That's how this thing works.

Go on the coffee meet up and see if you

have enough chemistry to hold each other's

interest. 30-35 minutes is all you need for >face to face< communication.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re 


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