Don't Try To Be Normal!

You eat the way you eat because everybody else I doing so.

You drink what yo drink because it will make you look like your have class and money.

You screw the man/men you screw because Hot Girl Summer and them Slut Shamming protests have made you feel less icky about swallow sperm from men you don't like you...

You are working on your Only Fans account because your friends are taking about opening accounts to get a quick come up!

Doing what every other woman does it what makes us INVISIBLE UGC!!!!

It allows people to rate you even faster than they would if they had to FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU STOOD FOR or what you like...

Being what other women are is a set up for them to say: "Debra Did It Better!"

You've got to avoid conformity as much as possible. When other women are going Left, you go right! You have to create your own lane and society has set up your life to make it easy for you BECAUSE you are an outcast!

Don't look that gift horse in the mouth: RIDE HIS A$$!!!

If you haven't become a Video Vault Member Yet, I'm not sure what you are waiting on. For The cost of a Turkey Pesto Panini and a Toasted Latte at Star Bucks, you can change the perception of your station in life FOREVR!! Join the Club!

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