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The Best Way to Level Up

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Every UGC Member needs to get this book! This is one in my personal collection that I refer to quite often. It is a wealth of information on sexuality and regeneration and rejuvenation techniques for women. It talks about what real seduction is and how to preserve your sexual energy for higher purposes.

One of the main takeaways from this book is the dangers of frequent sexual penetration by men and this is something I talk about with passion because I see how frequent sex destroys a woman's peace and ages the physical body.

Leveling up for UGC girls is more about energy than it is about looks. It has to be this way for us because we are not what society has ranked as exceptional and we don't readily trigger primal desires like beautiful women do.

When men see women and vice versa, there are only a few thoughts immediately taking place and that's:

Can I Eat it,

Fuk It

Or Kill it!

That's pretty much it!

So where do we fall in line with these primal urges? Not too good. But it's not impossible to trigger these emotions with our energetic field.

Beauty for us become attitudinal.

We have to release an unstuck energy in order to pull/attract people into our energetic field.

The reason why many of you have decided to join UGC wasn't because I was talking stuff you wanted to hear. Many of you have stated that you disliked me for the things I was discussing, but my inner-G is what kept you coming back. Something inside you was in sync with my truth, my story, my advice EVEN THOUGH you were discontent with what I was saying.

The ability to call you into this coalition was because of my PASSION and my ability to heal ,and YOU felt what I was saying in your heart.

So I am saying all this to say:

Being relaxed while delivering excitement is enticing and addictive. Having conviction without being abrasive will make people admire and LUST after you!!!

it is time to Become The Puppet Master UGC....

Practice confidence.

Practice Communication

Pay attention to your tone or if you eyes wander when you speak.

Attraction is about insinuating that you have (without trying) something that the other person can't live without...


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