August Alsina's New Song?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So im seeing people posting that August has made a song called Entanglement and supposedly spilling the tea anout his affair with Jada within it.

So now his relationship with the woman he claims broke

his heart is now a parody, a gimmick and a

marketing tactic to resuscitate is no clout having ass.

This is what mitches do!

This is what boyfriends do.

This is what fukking men with nothing to lose does for you.

It ruins your reputation.

It wastes time and makes you think that a man

cares about your feelings when he doesn't.

And so many women came out and defended this effeminate looking clown talking about how she was a predator and bewitched him into her panties. Why did women assume this?

Again, we perpetuate every idea that we blame men for labeling us as:

We too old.

We too stupid.

We too insecure.

We too desperate.

We are sluts. Etc....

Jada's mistake was trusting a MAN that

knew that she was married and who also

exploited her emotional weakness at that time.

A man who is fukking you while knowing

you are in a relationship with another is NOT a victim,

he is an opportunist and someone you've

given power to damage a home situation where

you are relying on the BAG to sustain you.

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