Dealing With Feeling Unloved

How do you manage emotionally within a relationship

that is no longer emotionally satisfying?

I think most of us have een through this, dealing

with men who seem too preoccupied with

other things, workaholics, indifferent towards us...

I remember Will actually stating that he was

done being responsible for Jada's happiness

as he felt that he couldn't satisfy her the way she needed.

As women, we need hobbies and outlets

and passions outside of these relationhips with men.


Because men get bored quite easily.

They become complacent as soon as the first

ejaculation takes place and it is up to

us to remain self identified as much as we can.

Hard to do?



Because men expect us to become emotionally entangled with them lest we be labeled cold, heartless bytches with sinister agendas.

The conflict is that when you give your all, his disregard and complacency often ensues.

Men get tired of emotionally needy women quicker than they get tired of your vagina..

The solution?


Duh FuQ???

Yes eat less.... What I mean by this to create an atmospshere where your time is savored like when you are eating a small portion of food.

When you eat smaller potions you tend to eat slower, savoring all the flavors in each bite, taking time to watch the spoon as it goes into your mouth and maybe even licking the plates to get every crumb off of it.. You appreciate it more because there's less of it.

And so it should be when you are giving time to men whether you are a wife or a girlfriend.

By doing this, it will make it hard for him to distance himself from you because you are never giving him a surplus of you time, your body or you emotions..

UGC, the is puppet mastery and neccesary for harmony and love when you are not attractive enough to bewitch men with your looks..

"The Ugly Girl's Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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