You Must Dominate Men!

The men who come to my channel to clown and criticize are looking for sexual stimulation.

They are here LOOKING for an owner! These men want a woman to bend their a$$es over to get plugged ..

All the guys that come to this channel have some degree of perversion they would like to explore.

They are LOOKING for mammy's to reenact slave scenes with, but the gag is that YOU are the one who wants to get whipped!

They have fetishes they want fulfilled and are hiding the little girl inside of them.

They are not Alphas at their core! You want to dominated, spoiled and catered to. The suits and all that bravado is nothing but their 'representative' because their masculinity is being scrutinize and they all are being exposed for the frauds that they are.

They want to use women like you and me because they've been used by women they desired.

And they want unattractive women to pay pennance because revenge is a bit hollow when one is attempting to get it from a woman doesn't give a fuk about him to begin with..

I SEE IT and I'm going to let every Ugly Girl know how to tighten the leash around the necks of men, of ANYONE actually, because people are generally full of shit!

The sooner you all accept this, the faster you can stabilize your emotions and control your Target!!

Why should we think of men as targets? The better question to ask is is why you think YOU ARE NOT ONE??

Everywhere you turn, you hear men talk of strategy and what type of woman is ripe and ready to be exploited and manipulated.

They have classified you, shared data about you, and have gathered profile about you to determine your wants and needs, your insecurites and inadequacies..

You watch all of this on your You Tube playlist, yet you still question their motives?

You think they are maladapted, but WE all are if we've been through any sort of traumatic experience.

So the question you need to ask yourself is this:

Is ROMANTIC LOVE a stable emotion?
Is it reasonable?
Is it based on fairness?


If you are still on the fence about joining our private group coaching, I invite you to think about what it's worth to you to finally stop worrying over how you look.

How valuable is it to you to have a deeper understanding of human nature and how you tick?

What would you give to finally be told the truth? The truth that what your own mother didn't have the intelligence and/or concern to inform you of?

You were not born to suffer, to walk through life feeling inferior to inferior people?

Cultural norms are for slaves and people who lack confidence and imagination.

You are a Maverick!


Because you are an outcast, so there is nothing else left to be but an INDIVIDUAL!! Join the Club

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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